construction rebar mesh

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Description of construction rebar mesh:

  • Width of rebar mesh: From 100 to 260 centimeters
  • Length of rebar mesh: From 1 meter to any desired length
  • Dimension of perpendicular rebar 3 to 12 millimeter
  • Ribbed and plain perpendicular rebar
  • Minimum yield stress of rebar: 4200 kilograms per square centimeter
  • Mesh eyes in square or rectangle shape, from 5 to 40 centimeters

Advantages of using rebar mesh:

  • Faster application compared to other methods of using wire, armature and welding
  • Ease of transportation and installation
  • More efficient use of rebar due to the strength of rebar meshes
  • Absolute order in all member of the truss in terms of rebar diameter, resistance, welding and length
  • Manufacturing using point welds by automatic machines instead of hand welding

Uses of rebar meshes:

  • In composite roofs
  • In prefabricated concrete parts
  • Concrete foundations
  • Roofs, floors, walls, metro stations, tunnels, shelters etc.
  • Gymnasium or industrial facility floors, warehouses, highways, airports etc.
  • Silos, bridges, canals, dams, pools, fencing around warehouses, airports and car parks
  • In 3D panels
  • Concrete pipes

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